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Hosting a Micro Wedding Can Be the Most Epic of All

Micro Wedding is a term we have been hearing a lot lately! A micro wedding is defined as a smaller scale wedding with less guests (typically less than 30).

In all my years of being a wedding planner I have been a cheerleader for intimate weddings long before Covid-19 brought to light this wedding trend.  One of my favorite weddings was a very luxurious, intimate Southampton backyard wedding where the attention to detail was so precise and the guest experience was so grand, even a decade later those 15 guests talk about how it was one of their favorite events they have ever attended. In my opinion, the wedding trend of shifting to a more intimate experience that is extremely guest focused and meaningful to the couple has been a long time coming.

Minimalism and simplicity have been trending for a while.  Marie Kondo has had us decluttering our homes, others embraced a simple lifestyle full of experiences instead of an excess of material goods, and fashion designers still embrace streamlined designs. It’s no surprise (pandemic or not) that this would expand into weddings.  I’m going to tell you that Micro Weddings are here to stay. Whether you have dreamed of a small intimate affair or you are a couple that now has had to shift your visions; I want to share with you a few reasons why less can really be more and why your micro wedding can be the most EPIC of all.

It can save you money- but it doesn’t have to… you can still splurge! 

Obviously, having a smaller guest count can do wonders for your budget, but the size of your wedding does not dictate how lavish you can go. You are now able to elevate the experience by spending more money in areas that matter the most to you. Go ahead and hire live musicians for not only the reception but the entire wedding. Purchase that couture gown you’ve been eyeing or splurge on an upgrade to your rings. If you are wanting to create the ultimate dinner experience, think of customizing an indulgent 5 course menu with your caterer.

Micro Weddings give you the chance to really embrace personalization and customization. The smallest details can have the biggest impact!

Photo of orange monogrammed napkin on china
Custom Monogrammed napkin by Pioneer Linens

Less guests means you may only need one or two tables. One of my previous micro wedding clients had custom linens made and monogrammed. Not only did this help create a beautiful tablescape but it’s a forever keepsake. Instead of one escort card display, think of focusing on a creative placecard that goes along with your design or having each guests name on a menu set at each place setting.

You can really connect with your guests on a more personal level. 

Have you ever heard your friends complain they didn’t get to eat dinner at their wedding because they were trying to say “Hi” to every guest in attendance? With only your closest friends and family your wedding will not be bored with small talk but instead be full of meaningful conversations, reminiscing, and lots of laughter. While wedding planning think of different ways you can elevate their experience through the smaller details that would be overlooked at a larger wedding.

You are not limited to space

Photo of lounge seating at a wedding reception in a tropical setting
Photo by Patty Nash Photography of Unearthed Rentals Raleigh Lounge set taken at The Raleigh Hotel

Dreaming of getting married at a boutique hotel, lush tropical gardens, on the beach, or turning a backyard into your dream wedding canvas…now you can! You’ll have more options than the traditional ballroom or large tent with a smaller guest count. It will be important to keep in mind, with less guests, you’ll need to be aware of the “extra” space around you. Make sure you position your ceremony set up or tables in a way that balances the space, symmetry is always a good idea. Compare it to a home and think about what you would need to do in designing rooms within an open floorplan.  Apply the same concepts to your wedding layout. Rent some furniture and create corners by designing a lounge set up which can be a fun addition for some post ceremony cocktails.

You may still want to consider hiring help 

If your wedding is less than 10 people and you are keeping it simple at a restaurant you may not need to hire a planner, but if your guest count creeps up into the 20’s or you are trying to create the ultimate experience you’ll still want a planner to ensure your vision is fully followed through. A wedding planner can recommend the best vendors for your budget, style and personality which is especially important when all eyes are on the details. You want your wedding day to be fun and stress-free so I still recommend your reach out to a local planner but be sure to explain your wedding size to them. Many wedding planners (including us) are offering customized or simplified packages.

The bottom line… do not think of a micro wedding as a “back up plan” or a “plan B” it really deserves to have a moment in all its glory. As the great Socrates said, “The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in the capacity to enjoy LESS.”  


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