Our Approach

How We Tell Your Story

The essence of who we are and what we do lies within our process. We seamlessly move you through a very creative and strategic process that allows us to understand you, guide you and then “WOW” you. Each client is unique and because we believe your event is your personal story brought to life, we really get to know you on a personal level by immersing ourselves in your personality, artistic sensibilities and understand your passions.


This starts with us listening to your story, learning your style and vision, redefining traditions and creating a “roadmap” that will lead us to produce an event that is so uniquely yours. We believe that the guest experience is equally as important as your event’s aesthetic.

What is a Meraki Wood Events Design?
Captivating. Personalized. Timeless.

Our approach to design is personalized. Designing your event is when we use our imaginations, creativity and your inspirations. We use these to set the tone, create the mood, evoke feeling, and captivate your guests with an iconic and timeless event that has been infused with your own personal style.


From stationery to floral to lighting, it’s through the design process that we bring your visions to life. Our design process results in events where the aesthetic is not just what you see, but what is experienced by all the senses creating the most all-encompassing guest experience.

What is Meraki Wood Events Planning?
Organized. Collaborative. Fun.

Our approach to planning is collaborative. We take your specific needs, customized budget, goals, and ideas and pull all of the pieces together to develop a plan for your event, and a plan on how we’ll get there.


We assist you in assembling the ideal creative team of vendors to compliment your style and personality.  As multi-taskers, we then juggle everything from the scheduling, logistics of timing and travel, to the organization of the seating arrangements and everything in between. We believe the process of planning an event should be enjoyable! This is a special time in your life. We make fun and serenity a priority throughout the entire planning process.


to do something with your soul, creativity, love – when you put something of yourself into what you’re doing